Creating is my passion

From telling stories to hacking my life


The most power storytelling medium.


Capturing a moment in time.


When I find problems, I create solutions.


Videography Reel

I've shot a wide range of video, from track days in the desert to local events to product launch videos. I approach each project with fresh ideas and a desire to push myself into new creative territory.

Rokenbok Education

With the launch of the Rokenbok Education brand, Rokenbok needed an introductory video showcasing the brand, products, and core values that make up Rokenbok Education.



The scream of an in-line six, the squeal of tires, the smell of hot oil. Everything from classic American muscle to sleek German coupes to aggressive Italian exotics. Cars are my greatest love.

Inside Out

A great portrait series created as a part of the international Inside Out Project. The subjects were all faculty and staff of my alma mater, Juniata College, and the portraits were displayed all across campus.



What began as a solution for my own video lighting problems rapidly expanded into Strahlen - high quality, high output LED lights for creatives. As a result, I have learned about CAD, 3D printing, sheet metal, CNC machining, and so much more.

3D Printing

With access to CAD software and 3D printers, I'm able to design, prototype, and create within a matter of hours. Anything from a new product concept to a small item that makes my life easier. The future is now.